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  • DSGW-200 QA

      Q 1- I must change configuration for the locator that will calculate the real time location, correct? So I must leave the configuration of the other locator like it is, without changes, correct? ...

  • DSGW-210 QA

    Q 咱们网关有与lorawan物联网平台对接开发的demo吗?   A 有,可以连接TTN, chirpstack 和 aws iot core lorawan等平台   Q I have successfully accessed the router through ssh. Our JAR requires Bluez, which I have installed on the r...

  • DSGW-020 QA

    Q Hello, I am looking for an IoT gateway that we can use to control both WiFi and Zigbee devices. We need that more than 64 WiFi devices can simultaneously connect to the gateway whent it behaves l...

  • DSGW-030 QA

    Q I did test your temp.sensor with Sonoff ZB Dongle , but it was not perform well.  We are trying to retest them again and hopefully , it will be working this time. Do you have any hint and/or guid...

  • 模组类QA

    Q DSS-010温湿度传感器的发射功率,是否可以更改为≤10dbm   A 在量产阶段可以根据客户需求定制对应的固件并将发射功率调整到<10dbm   Q 有打算做支持matter的蓝牙模块么   A EFR32MG21蓝牙模组可以支持matter协议   Q Beacon设备与网关不是长连接,是发送广播形式,网关是怎么识别信标的id的?   A 可以通过设备的mac地址或者设备名称等...

  • DSGW-040 QA

    Q For use, our main concern is security, if your connection is secure to the cloud, then I do not think we will have a problem integrating you   A 1.gateway connect with zigbee ,ble ,It is usually ...

  • 通用网关问题

    Q 一个美的的空调室外机,可以同时接出来两根线分别连接两个GSW-250空调协议转换网关,网关再分别传输数据至两个不同的平台嘛?或者可以就接出来一根线,这个线有两个传输头,分别连接GSW-250,这种方式是否能够实现?有没有这么一款产品,可以实现在信标手环的功能上增加身体健康信息(温度,心率)的采集模块?150个lora终端走lorawan协议发给网关,网关转发给服务器,1秒发一次,这样网关...

  • Generic Gateway QA

    Q We wish to connect nodes working with xbee 3 chips to gateway which will then connect to our cloud xbee 3 comaptible is important also we wish to connect with Digi Remote manager cloud 10 to sta...

  • DSGW-075 FAQ

    Q Is there a WIFIdog function on your 075 gateway?   A Wifidog is a kind of Internet access authentication function of the router. It is one of the solutions to build the wireless hotspot authenti...

  • DSGW-092

    Q Do you provide the source code of the DSGW_092_TEST_v1.0.0.bin ?   A The bin file would come with the gateway, you could also check it in the resource section as well